Green Team

Who are the Green Team?
The Eco Monitors are elected by their peers and work together to improve the school, local community and environment.

The Team take the lead in helping to educate our school about environmental issues and sustainability. Eco Monitors in each class will help remind classmates and teachers to ‘stay green’ by switching things off and recycling.The Green team meet half termly.

Eco School Silver Award
Crockerton has already secured the Eco Schools Bronze award and the Green Team are now concentrating on gaining the Silver Award. This award focuses on strengthening pupil leadership and whole school involvement while the school starts to work on at least one of the Eco Schools topics in depth. For further information about Eco Schools Awards please click on the link below.

The first challenge is to agree and adopt an Eco Code which will demonstrate Crokerton’s commitment to improving their environmental performance. The whole school, led by the Green Team, will have a key role in developing the code.

Projects for 2016 – 2017

This year the Green Team have been involved in raising money to help provide safe toilets and clean water where they are most needed.

The team spoke to the rest of the school during an act of worship to explain their fundraising project.  They sent home containers for each child to pay a ‘toll’ each time they visited the toilet, for a period of two weeks.

So far the children of Crockerton School have raised £110 towards this charity.  Once we have had the remainder of the containers back, we will be able to choose which country to support, and ‘twin’ our toilets.

(Please see the website for more information on this project)

Crockerton’s Eco-School Green Team

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