As a C of E School we are proud of our Church School distinctiveness and believe that this makes a real difference to our effectiveness.  Our Church School status is at the heart of everything we do.  The school is inclusive to all, irrespective of personal beliefs, because we believe that we are all equally important and we respect everyone’s right to hold their own beliefs.

For many people collective worship is seen as what makes a church school distinctive.  However, we believe that it goes much deeper than this and our church school ethos is encapsulated in our Vision Statement.

‘Within the love of God together we learn to live, care and celebrate.  For each other and ourselves we aim for the best’

Our vision is to be an outstanding school that provides excellent education underpinned by our shared christian values.

We take pride in our christian ethos as a vehicle for developing spirituality and a deep rooted understanding of right and wrong whilst promoting tolerance of, and respect for, all people of all faiths or those of no faith.

At Crockerton C of E Primary School we want the very best for every child and to achieve this we provide a supportive environment where they will be happy, develop individuality and succeed.

During the academic year 2016 – 2017 all stakeholders worked closely with the Diocesan Board of Education to develop the school’s Vision Vessel and Core Values.

Nine Core Values:

Compassion, Respect, Friendship, Forgiveness, Generosity, Perseverance, Truthfulness, Trust and Courage.

Crockerton C of E Primary School is a place where:

  • our pupils will be inspired to develop academically and spiritually aspiring beyond their own and others’ expectations through our culture of high expectations.
  • our pupils, staff, governors and parents put God’s love into action through our values of compassion, respect, friendship, forgiveness, generosity, perseverance, truthfulness, trust and courage in a climate of trust and mutual respect.
  • our pupils will develop a love of learning and be passionate about the high standards we can achieve in all aspects of life.

Our pupils will:

  • build strong partnerships, learning with and from others .
  • will give of their best and expect the best from one another.
  • celebrate the achievements of every individual and share their successes.