Friends Of School

Who are the Committee?  

Chair: Tim Grant

Secretary: Hattie Timberlake

Treasurer: Stacey Bradley

How are they elected?

The committee are elected democratically as per the PTA regulations.  We are a friendly and fun bunch who meet at each other’s houses (or the pub!) to discuss a variety of topics, but largely we work on the next event and scratch our heads as to what clever plan we can cook up to put more money in the till!

What are the aims of the Friends?

Our main mission is to ‘Involve the Community’ in order that we can rally support from contributors other than just parents and guardians of the school.
To have fun and do a little good!
Support the extra budgetary requirements of the school.

How is the money spent?

Over the years we have raised money for projects such as:

  • The group room
  • The new playground surface
  • The school garden
  • Annual money paid to cover all school photocopying
  • Transport for class / school trips and sports