Foresters Class

Welcome to …..The Foresters

We are the year 5 and 6 children, taught by Miss Hedley, who is supported by the teaching assistants.

As the oldest children in the school, we have many responsibilities, from organising music for assembly, to helping the younger children at lunchtime, to leading our house teams, to chairing the School Council, to showing visitors around the school.  It’s all good fun, whilst helping us to develop skills which will be very useful to us as we grow up.

In the mornings, we start off with an ‘Early Morning Challenge’ just to get our brains warmed up.  This is usually followed by Literacy and Maths, leaving the afternoons free for science and the other subjects, which are usually linked to our topic.  Mrs Ilic teaches us on a Thursday afternoon – this is usually music, PE, Science and RE.

The best thing about being a Year 6 is the Reception Buddy we look after and sitting on the chairs during Worship!

As we prepare for secondary school, it is vital that we continue with regular reading and maths skills – especially practising our times tables still.

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