Our School Day

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club runs every day during term time.  The sessions run from 7.45am to 8.45am.  Children may participate for the whole or part session.  PH Sports provide this service and bookings need to be made directly with them.

The sessions consist of a breakfast followed by an activity session.  The activity session usually takes place outside, weather permitting.  If it is wet the children play games indoors.

To book your child into the breakfast club please visit the PH Sports site at http://phsports.co.uk/breakfast-club-bookings/

Start of School

The school opens at 8.40am. We run a stop and drop system which starts at 8.40am to try and alleviate parking problems around the school. Please see our traffic management page for further details.

Please ensure that children are not on the premises before 8.40am. Children who arrive before school opens are their parent’s responsibility if they are with them or not.

Our children are encouraged to be independent and organise themselves at the beginning of the day and we ask that parents support us in this by dropping their children off and allowing them to enter the school on their own. Teachers are in school ready to receive the children and an activity is available for the children to do while they wait for registration.

When our Reception children start school in September parents are initially allowed to bring them into the classroom to help them settle.
By the October half term the Reception children are also entering the classroom independently.

Registration is at 8.50am for KS2 and 9.00am for KS1. The school doors are closed at 9.00am and any children arriving after this time must enter the school through the main entrance and report to reception, parents should accompany the children to the front door, in this instance.

Although the teachers will be happy to see parents first thing regarding any emergencies we would be grateful if parents would make an appointment to see teachers after school regarding any other matters.

The school session starts at 8.50 am for KS2 and 9.00am for KS1.

Parents should contact the school if their child will be absent for that day; if children are not in school by 9.30am and no message received, Mrs Bawden will telephone in line with our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.

School Worship

We have whole school worship on Monday, led by the Headteacher, Wednesday led by the Deputy Headteacher and Thursday led by a member of our local clergy.  All these worships take place at 9.00am. On Tuesday each class takes it in turn to invite parents in for a ‘celebration’ assembly, once every term at 2.45pm.  When it is not a celebration assembly worship takes place in each class, led by the class teacher.  The school week concludes with whole school worship on Fridays at 2.45pm.  Our worship themes and values follow the ‘Roots and Shoots’ scheme.

Morning Playtime

Reception and Key Stage 1 children (Potters and Thatchers) have a break from 10.20-10.35 am. Free fruit or vegetables will be available or children can bring in their own to eat.  Water is available for the children to drink and school milk can be ordered for Reception children.

Our Key Stage 2 children (Weavers and Foresters) also have a break from 10.20 – 10.35 am.  The Key Stage 2 children are allowed to bring in a fruit or vegetable snack and a drink of water to have during morning break.


Lunchtimes run from 12.00am-1.00pm Monday to Friday.

Children eat lunch in the classrooms where they are looked after by lunchtime supervisors. They bring in their own packed lunch or if they are in Key Stage 1 a school cooked lunch can be ordered.

When the children have eaten their lunch they go outside to play.  We have useful ‘junk’ with which the children play, build dens etc. During the summer months we also play on our sports field.

Afternoon Playtime

Key Stage 1 children have an afternoon play. This is usually at 2.30pm but times can vary due to the activities taking place.

End of school

Key Stage 1

3.00pm:  Potters

3.10pm:  Thatchers

The Key stage 1 children leave school through the outside doors of Potters’ and Thatchers’ classrooms. Parents wait in the outside Potters’ play area and when their child’s teacher has seen them their child is allowed to leave.

Key Stage 2

3.15pm:  Years 3 & 4: Weavers

3.20pm: Years 5 & 6: Foresters

The Key Stage 2 children are brought out into the Potters’ play area by their teachers and are allowed to leave as soon as they can see their parents.

Late Club

In addition to our after school clubs we operate a ‘Late Club’ where the children can stay in school until 4.15pm each day.  The children are given refreshments and can play games, do homework or socialize with friends. There is a nominal charge of £2.00 per family per day

Any child not picked up by 5 mins after their home time, will attend Late Club asking for a signature and payment..

If you are collecting your child and are unavoidably delayed, please telephone the school, on 01985 212168, so that your child does not have to suffer any undue anxiety.