As a C of E School we are proud of our Church School distinctiveness and believe that our values are key to our effectiveness.  Our Church School status and values are at the heart of everything we do.

To ensure this is the case, our school values were chosen by our pupils, staff, governors and parents.  They have been voted for democratically and truly represent the ethos of our school community.  The British Values and all Church Values are also crucial to our school.  They can be seen in action around the school.  For example our democratic school council, our RE curriculum and our school rules:

Be kind, be safe, be responsible.

Our school vision statement encapsulates what we are all striving for, and is inclusive to everyone within our school and wider community, with all their beliefs and faiths.

“Together, with faith, we learn to live, care and celebrate.”

Look out for our Crockerton Oak Tree in the new building, which shows the vision of the school.  It is also attached to this page to help you understand our school as a community.

And so to our five school values:

Friendship      Friendships can be seen throughout the school.  Crockerton School is a friendly and welcoming place, where short and long term friendships are formed and flourish.  Look out for our Friendship Forest which promotes pupils, across the key stages, creating new friendships and solving problems together.

Compassion    We strive to be a compassionate school, considering the lives of others throughout our curriculum, including History, Geography, Religious Education and through the stories we read in English.  The Compassion Collection Box will remind us of the meaning of compassion and represent all of the charities we support including the Trussell Trust food bank.  The charities are often chosen by our school councillors.

Respect           Respecting others is at the heart of what we do and can be felt in the atmosphere as you walk around the school.  It is key to making our school an enjoyable place to be.  Look out for Respect Rocks hidden around the school grounds.  Find them, enjoy them, then respect others by hiding them in a new location to be enjoyed by someone else.  Some have respect challenges – can you complete the challenge before you hide the rock?

Perseverance We face challenges every day, through our learning, our lives and our friendships.  Building resilience and the skills to persevere enables us to achieve more, overcome more and enjoy more.  Persevering can be very difficult and emotional.  Read the Perseverance Prayers around the school and write your own to help you to keep going.  You can do it!

Trust   Everyone in our community works hard to be open, honest and trustworthy.  This is crucial to creating a safe, happy and healthy environment.  The children can always talk to a trusted adult.  Find the Trust Team on the playground.  A trained team of Upper Key Stage Two pupils who have received peer mentoring training.  They are great people for pupils to turn to when they need someone they can trust.

The Crockerton CE School Oak Tree